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In a nutshell, I'm a Doctor and I play one on TV (and radio)
If you have a health and/or medically related product that you feel would benefit from a doctor's explanation of the features and benefits or offering a testimonial, I hope that you will consider utilizing my services. I also have a lot of experience playing a doctor on television shows and movies, in addition to commercials and infomercials.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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Dr. Rich Cowin is a Nationally Syndicated Medical Talk Show host on such programs as 'Meet The Doctors' and 'American Medicine Today'

Dr. Rich has also made several appearances as a medical guest host on QVC and the Home Shopping Network with rave reviews.



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You may have heard Dr. Rich Cowin providing his professional medical insight into the features and benefits of various products and services. His knowledge and experience bring a valuable expertise to all of his work.


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Overview of my professional work for Television and Film

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Telephone : 407.341.7484

Mail : AskDrRich@aol.com

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